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Pinfinite Growth

Learn how to infinitely grow your traffic and email list using your new secret weapon: Pinterest.

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Do you feel like you're hustling your butt off, yet people still have no idea that your blog or business exist?

Do you want to create more engagement on your blog, so that you can turn it into a full-time business?

Do you want to attract your ideal readers and clients, but have no idea how to do it?

Have you ever felt that there are already too many "experts" online, so why should you make it?

Oh man. You are so in the right spot.

What if I told you that you could...

Dramatically grow your traffic in less than an hour per week?

Attract the right visitors and subscribers who will become raving fans and clients?

Authentically stand out and become the go-to hub and resource in your niche?

Get this, bud -- you can achieve all of this growth by simply using Pinterest more strategically.

Yup. F'real.

In my step-by-step e-course, Pinfinite Growth, you'll learn the strategies I've taught to over 900 other students -- strategies that will dramatically grow your traffic and email list, fast. In fact, Pinterest helped me triple my pageviews and grow my email list to over 30,000 people. Not to mention, my Pinterest account grows by 2,000-3,000 followers per month, which creates infinite growth and continues to drive even more traffic to my blog and business.

The best part? These are the right kind of visitors -- ones who subscribe, leave comments, and become customers. We're not just trying to "grow your traffic" here. We're growing your traffic and audience with intention, yo.

Meet Lydia

Lydia said that she saw results from Pinfinite Growth "literally instantly." In one month her pageviews grew from 7,000 to 41,000. And within two months, her email list went from 27 to 700 subscribers. Lydia is now getting ready to launch her first e-course and turn her blog into her full-time business.

Pinfinite Growth shares my very best Pinterest strategies, so that you can stop throwing every idea at the wall and instead, grow your blog and business effectively -- in less time than you're probably already spending. #winning.

Here's what happened when I first started using my own Pinterest marketing techniques...my traffic DOUBLED in three months.

I also doubled my email list in three months (an increase of over 2,500 subscribers!). Now, my email list is over 30,000 subscribers (which I accomplished in less than a year by using my Pinterest techniques). Crazy, right? I don't know ANYONE who has been able to grow their list so quickly (probably because they haven't taken this course!). ;)

Imagine if you could wake up each day to more and more people reading your blog, subscribing to your email list, and sharing your work with the world.

Imagine if you had a hungry following, waiting to click the "buy now!" button on your new product.

Imagine if you knew exactly where to start in order to grow your audience.

Imagine, #girlboss, if Pinterest were your secret weapon -- if you could attract the very best followers, subscribers, and customers in less time (and without spending a penny on ads!).

Pinfinite Growth helped me to realize how much potential traffic I was missing out on. In five months, my blog's pageviews have quintupled (what a fun word!) from about 5,000 to over 25,000 pageviews per month. I am continuing to use Melyssa's strategies and know that my Pinterest will continue to grow. I can't recommend this course enough!

- Jackie of Jade & Oak

My blog traffic has more than doubled, shooting from 5,000 pageviews per month to over 12,000 in just over a month! I also think there's a big correlation in my newsletter subscribers, as my list has doubled in size as well! I'm going to have to upgrade my ConvertKit plan pretty soon. ;)

- Erin of Erin E Flynn

Solely by using Melyssa's Pinterest tactics I have grown my Pinterest followers by almost 5,000 new people and am now averaging close to 500 new followers per week. Last month, I easily surpassed 10,000 unique website viewers which I 100% attribute to the awesomeness that is Pinfinite Growth. Additionally, my email list has grown to almost 1,000 people with very little effort on my part. The best part about this course is that I have been able to achieve exponential growth by doing something I was already doing in my spare time - I just needed the right guide to focus my pinning. Thanks Melyssa!

- Rosie of The Capsule Project

What's included, you ask?

Class Curriculum

  Before You Get Started
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Unit 2: Mastering Your First Impression
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Unit 3: Your Brand
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Unit 4: Becoming a Smart Feed Expert
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Unit 5: Group Boards
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Unit 8: Analyzing Your Analytics
Available in days
days after you enroll
  BONUS: Email List Growth
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Awesome Resources
Available in days
days after you enroll

Meet Krista

Krista has seen incredible success with Pinfinite Growth. In fact, the results she saw from this course helped her turn her blog and web development passion into her full-time job in less than five months. She's now booked out months in advance with new clients. Not to mention, she grew her email list by 500 subscribers and 10x-ed her pageviews!

Want bonuses? You got it.

Registering for Pinfinite Growth will not only give you access to all eight modules, with video tutorials and written PDFs, but you'll also get these bonuses, for free. Including...

1. 100 Days of BoardBooster ($100 value)

  • BoardBooster is my faaaavorite Pinterest scheduler and the one I talk about inside of Pinfinite Growth. As a super special bonus, BoardBooster's founder is giving away 100 days of BoardBooster fo' free to new Pinfinite Growth students. Woooo! (**Note: You must be a new BoardBooster user to get this bonus).

2. Lifetime access and free updates to the course.

  • I regularly check the course to see if there's anything I can add or improve. You will always have access to the most up-to-date information and strategies, fo' free.

You have two choices...

You could keep trying to figure all of this stuff out on your own (which often takes even the most hard-working and intelligent people YEARS to do)....

...Or you could steal my strategies and get massive results in a matter of DAYS.

Think about where you want to be six months from now...or even ONE month from now. Do you have a plan? Do you have effective strategies to get you there? Because if you don't have a strategic plan to help you achieve your goals, then you can't reasonably expect to achieve them.

So, you can keep puttering along with no plan, hoping for the best, or you can use the step-by-step process I teach in Pinfinite Growth to help you achieve your goals faster than you even thought possible.

What will you choose?

Your Instructor

Melyssa Griffin
Melyssa Griffin

Hey there! I'm Melyssa Griffin and I'm the founder of The Nectar Collective, where I teach online entrepreneurs and bloggers how to turn their passion into an audience and an income. Through my workshops, ebooks, and ecourses, I've helped thousands of hustlers stand out online. Within two years, I grew my business to multiple six-figures in revenue and tens of thousands of fans and followers. Now, I'm here to teach you how to reach your own level of success. Let's get busy.

Who is Pinfinite Growth for?

This course is for you if…

  • You want to learn how to attract the right audience to your blog and business and get them to stick around!
  • You're mystified by how long it seems to take to grow a following and you want to learn strategies that actually work (oh, and that don't cost you a dime!).
  • You're itching to grow your email list because you know it's an essential part of your business...but it's barely inching along.
  • You're busy and you want to learn the best strategies that can be accomplished in as little time as possible.

This course isn't for you if…

  • You blog for fun, but don't have an interest in growing a community, following, or income.
  • You aren't willing to invest your time or money into your blog. This course teaches a lot of time-saving strategies, but will still require some dedicated effort on your part -- especially in the beginning -- to see the most "pinfinite" growth.
  • You don't have a blog.

Meet Rosie

She used Pinfinite Growth to grow her new blog's traffic from 5 to 15,000 unique visitors and 0 to 1,000 email subscribers in a just a few months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?

You bet I do! If you go through the course, implement my strategies, and don't see any results, then you can email us within 60 days of purchase for a full refund. No questions asked.

How long do I have access to this course?

Forever, my friend! Register for Pinfinite Growth once and you'll have lifetime access to the course materials, which will continuously be updated with any new strategies, videos, and course materials.

What format is the course content delivered in?

Good question! The course materials are shared as video content, printable slides, and a course workbook. So, whether you prefer to read, write, watch, or listen to the content, you'll be set.

Could I just find this information for free online?

You can find just about anything online these days, but does that mean it's actually valuable? No ma'am! One of the reasons I created this course is because there is so much incorrect and outdated information online about how to use Pinterest to grow your blog. (Truly!). Think of it this way: anyone could pick up a pair of scissors and call themselves a hairdresser. But do you want your hair cut by someone who is "guessing" or someone who is an expert at cutting hair? The same thing goes for the information you find online. You could read an article on Google with outdated and incorrect information and hope for the best, or you could learn from someone who has taught hundreds of students to grow their traffic, email list, and audience. Your choice. But one may leave you with a bad haircut and the other may completely change your life.

This course would be a big investment for me. Is it really worth the price?
I'll let one of my students, Lydia, answer that for you: "I blog about budgeting and believe you should really spend your money wisely so the fact that I would spend about $300 on a course is like "WHAT?" But I did it because I know you have to invest into your business in order to make money and I knew it would be good! I don't regret it one bit. Pinfinite Growth is worth that and more!" Lydia is right. The course may be an investment, but imagine how much time and money you could be wasting by NOT enrolling in this course. Pinfinite Growth will help you reach your goals faster, which will result in more income, more subscribers, and more of an audience than you'd ever be able to achieve for this price.

After implementing the advice from Pinfinite Growth, Pinterest is now by far my biggest source of traffic to my blog. I get in the range of 900-1500 views a day from Pinterest alone, and I had my first month of hitting 100,000 pageviews! I have also seen a steady increase in the number of followers on Pinterest from 1,500 pre-Pinfinite Growth to now over 4,600 and counting. All within a couple of months! Your strategies have been epic.

- Gemma of The Sweetest Digs

I've been working through Pinfinite Growth for only 3 days and already I've seen a 41% increase in Pinterest followers, 55% average increase in blog traffic, and Pinterest is already my #1 referrer! I can't wait to see what the rest of the course brings!

- Krista of Krista Rae

I knew that this course would rock because Melyssa is killing it in the blogging and social media scene. Let me tell you, this course is worth every. single. penny. It's fun, engaging and full to the brim with secret Pinterest strategies.

Melyssa doesn't just share her tips for Pinterest, but also how to create a blog and brand that stands out. Pinfinite Growth has not only given me the tools I need to grow my business using Pinterest, but has also re-ignited inspiration and excitement for my blog and brand.

- Billie of Desire to Done

It's your time to do BIG things.

If you want to grow your audience, increase your traffic, and explode your email list, then Pinfinite Growth is THE course you need to make it happen, fast.

Enroll now to infinitely grow your brand.

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